• Your Technological future is worth protecting

    Along increasing to reliance on foundations and facilities on technical solution , it’s become clear how important is the cyber security more and more.

    Therefore , we are in Solutions going to beyond the issue of security programs , providing you with what detect any cyber attack possible, which reduces the risks to your facility’s digital future, so that you can continue your progress without fear of any threats posed by these attacks.

Application Examples

  • Government Entities

    We have proven our competence in Solutions by providing this service to a number of government agencies, and we have been able to overcome their challenges with high efficiency.

    Our experience with the General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA):

    The security of the GACA is a matter in which no compromises can be made, given the importance of sensitive information in it, so it was important to build an unmistakable firewall to secure their network from any malicious intrusions.

    Therefore, Solutions developed a profound defense strategy by adopting a network operations center and a security operations center to provide the necessary protection to the authority at all levels.

  • Health Care

    The importance and sensitivity of the role that health facilities play in containing health problems in the country can’t be ignored, as well as being a basic line of defense in front of the prevention and health protection of the lives of citizens and residents.

    Therefore, it was clear for these agencies to have the strongest means of cyber protection, because of the necessity to protect them from any attacks that disrupt their systems or corrupt their data, which are mainly reliable in the medical process.

  • Real estate

    Banks and financial information carried and controlled by one of the most important real estate establishments in need of cyber protection, by being a common target by various types of cyber criminals.

    So at Solutions we develop advanced security systems that protect the most sensitive data and prevent it from leaking and reaching the wrong hands.

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