• Technical Solutions On the Cloud

    The idea of cloud computing is the most revolutionary idea in the technology world, it can benefit you with the biggest energy that average instrument in a facility can not provide. Like large data storage and high ability to recover and give information. It’s the best infrastructure to store information and share it with different departments in the facility.

    We provide a wide range by this service, also we give the ability to connect with cloud market. And you can use many solutions for many variations of technical services and solutions.



Application Examples

  • Governmental

    introducing this service to many government sites, we were able to pass and improve our ability to pass difficulties by solutions.

    Our experience with the Ministry of Housing :

    Ministry of Housing realizes that the achievement of their goals by increasing the number of houses owning needs information that hasn’t been used before. Solutions assured the presence of the ministry in the cloud for better future planning with high quality and performance infrastructure.The result shows that the Ministry of Housing has become more perfect and expandable , also able to deal with a high number of requirements in the country without any problems.

  • Real Estate

    Cloud computing can transfer travel and hotel stay experiences. For example in far away. To transform an average hotel to a smart and modern hotel need completed systems. Give client’s ability to use the tv for room service, add more of Wi-Fi connection in every section of the hotel to serve a high-quality service

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