How do we serve real estate?

  • Big Data Analysis

    There are no limits to what can be achieved through this service, it enables you to get to know your customers closely by analyzing demographic data, so that you can customize and detail the value that your facility offers them.

    It also enables you to target the right segments through strategies of a personal nature, designed with the aim of identifying the needs of your target group to meet them in particular, and to achieve the highest possible loyalty rate from your customers.

    The data analysis platform at Solutions can also provide you with data in addition to analyze it, such as data on spending habits and customer trends, allowing you to monitor many ways and means that will increase your revenue continuously.

    In addition, it is an effective tool in highlighting customer opinions, and seeing their views to identify strengths and weaknesses, thus opening the way for improving the customer experience, as well as attracting new customers.

  • Internet of Things

    It’s the time to look at the Internet from another angle and become acquainted with the patterns of its uses in the future.

    The Internet of Things service opens up a new frontier for you to use information, transforming your facilities from simply connecting to the information network to enjoying pre-existing capabilities. This service also goes beyond providing ready-made solutions, to provide customized solutions for every sector and facility that needs this type of service.

  • Cyber Security

    With the increasing uses and dependence on technology, your protection in the digital world may be just as important in the real world. Therefore we offer this service to you by a team of empowered experts, aware of the latest methods of electronic crime, as we excel in providing all spectra of this service efficiently, starting from building firewalls and programs and prevent viruses, up to protecting your organization data from crimes throughout the year, in order for your facility to continue To grow with no concerns about its digital future and private information.

  • Managed Services

    It is the best tool to raise the performance and productivity of your facilities, as we displace more effort or time during the institutional processes. Here, solutions are created to last as long as possible, as they are an investment for the future, paving the way and displacing the challenges before your facilities face them.

  • Cloud Computing

    It is the new infrastructure for tomorrow’s information systems, and the virtual mind of all the equipments of your facility, as it contributes to its various benefits and aims that extend over wide ranges, by facilitating access to and preserving information, and creating new capabilities for your facility, such as identifying new service providers through the cloud market for example.

  • System Integration

    The strength of technology lies in the interconnection and complementarity of its components, without integration the future of your technology facility will be fraught with obstacles and challenges.

    Here we build an integrated system for you, that will be your partner throughout the journey of technical investments, and give you access to dimensions that were not available to you before.

    Through systems designed by dazzling minds, it paves the way for you to reach beyond

Benefit from our solutions, at your real estate facility

We are ready to serve you, so leave the information technology and its difficulties for us and contact us soon.

  • We have always believed in the principle of sustainability and made it a slogan for us in designing technical solutions, so we don’t develop any short-term solution.

    The solution is not only supposed to displace the current problem but must open new dimensions full of promising possibilities for our customers and partners, in line with their long-term visions and plans.

    We also do not believe in ready and fast solutions, but rather what is allocated to each customer as a unique case, in which our team unleashes innovation and dazzling.

  • It is not appropriate for technology, no matter how advanced, to lean towards its ultimate goal, which is to facilitate the life of the individual and society.

    That is why we work in Solutions to advance our society and achieve the goals and vision of the Kingdom and its citizens, including the fulfilment of the promising opportunities that these countries’ technical future holds and are invested.

    From this day we contribute to create more than 800 jobs, spread around 35 cities across the Kingdom, and we create opportunities for the future through technologies that are still under design and development, ensuring the benefit of the Kingdom and its society.

  • The high quality of solutions is one of the necessities and rules that can not be broken under any circumstances, and that is one of the reasons that do not make us a into quick solutions.

    As for the unique and innovative solutions, it guarantees the end-user benefit, achieving the goals and vision of the establishment, and in many cases new doors open leading the establishment to greater ambitions, and farther destinations.